A well-known princess and a fairy recently visited Corewell Health’s Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital to brighten the day for patients and families.

Anna, who starred in Frozen, and the beloved Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, joined the Child and Family Life team on Blue Glass TV where they hosted several games of bingo.

Patients played from bed while following along live on TV. Winners phoned in their victories.

“Bingo!” one caller exclaimed as he claimed his prize.

Prize patrol

The celebrity hosts met a few patients in person while delivering prizes to winners after the games.

The duo are a part of A Moment of Magic, a national nonprofit based out of Western Michigan University that visits children at home and in the hospital.

Anna and Tinkerbell then moved down the hall to visit with a few more patients cracking silly jokes along the way.

“What is the only word in the dictionary that’s spelled wrong?” Anna asked.

“That’s a tough one. I don’t know.” Tinkerbell said.

“Well, it would have to be the word wrong.  It is, in fact, spelled wrong,” Anna said as they both laughed.

Fairy fun

The duo visited with Remi Becker, 7, who was in the epilepsy monitoring unit for observation.

They chatted about pets and who has more.

“We have a dog, three guinea pigs, a bunny, two birds, a turtle and three fish tanks at home,” Remi’s mother said. “And four goats at grandma’s house, too.”

“Wow. Are you an animal fairy?” Tinkerbell joked.

The princesses spent some more time visiting with patients and delivering prizes before Anna needed to return to her kingdom, and Tinkerbell to Neverland.

“This sort of thing makes the day a lot more fun,” said Sarah Dieleman, mother of a patient in the infusion clinic.

Her son won a game of bingo and spent some time chatting about Pokémon with the princesses.

“We’re thankful for these events that make time in clinic go by a lot faster,” she said.