A young girl, wearing a Santa hat, reaches for a stocking on a fireplace.
If you want to surprise your little ones with gifts that keep on giving, go for something that inspires physical activity. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

If you want to give a meaningful gift that has long-lasting impact, consider a gift of activity.

Skip the tins of chocolate and instead stuff those stockings with fun items that encourage physical activity and exercise.

The Spectrum Health Healthy Weight Center team shared a list of fun toys and tools that can help you and your kiddos stay active.

Consider these creative gifts:

1. Jump rope

A simple jump rope is a fun way to get active and you’re not just limited to jumping rope. Use the rope in many ways to promote exercise—make a limbo line, walk across the rope like a tight rope, or jump over the rope while it’s on the ground. Be creative!

2. Frisbee

If you have children or pets, a Frisbee can be a great way to promote activity. If you have a lot of family, you can play ultimate Frisbee. It’s like football with a Frisbee, but without the tackling. You can find official rules at USA Ultimate, make up your own, or just play together and move.

3. Sports ball

Since there are too many to name, we figured we’d just include most sports equipment in this category. But a tennis ball, football, or Nerf ball are great for encouraging children to get active. Even better, you can play together. In the winter, get something you can use in the snow.

4. Hopping ball

You can find these at many toy stores. A hopping ball is a ball with a handle that kids can sit on and hop up and down. Adults should give it a try, too. It’s harder than it looks and oh so much fun. Just inflate and bounce.

5. Hopscotch rug

If there is too much snow for hopscotch, play it indoors with this fun rug. Or make your own by using colorful painter’s tape on the floor.

6. Yoga cards

There are many different versions of these cards. When you draw a yoga card, try to do the yoga pose shown on the card. You can take them anywhere—you just need a little bit of space for yoga.