Our favorite two ladies in red from the John Ball Zoo were back at it for another animal action-packed visit to Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Two very soft critters—a bunny and a chinchilla—accompanied them.

Zoo volunteer Betty Sobel, 75, asked St. Helen resident Nathan Wyatt, a 17-year-old patient being treated for scoliosis, what he thought bunnies ate.

“Let me tell you a little hint, no cheeseburgers, no meat,” Sobel said. “But if a bunny is outside, he is going to eat plants and grass and leaves and all kinds of things like that.”

Volunteer Sunny Sjaarda, 78, asked Denver, Colorado, resident Sawyer Claxton, a 4-year-old being treated for a ruptured appendix, which animal he liked better. Sawyer nodded his head and pointed to the chinchilla Sjaarda held.

“Good boy, that was the right thing to say,” Sjaarda said. “But if Betty comes back, tell her you like the rabbit better. Or it will hurt her feelings. But I won’t tell her you said that.”