Trisha Plamondon, RN, assists Elizabeth Edel and her newborn baby, Amelia, at Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital's Family Birthing Center.
Trisha Plamondon, RN, assists Elizabeth Edel and her newborn baby, Amelia, at Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital’s Family Birthing Center. Exactly 343 babies were delivered at Ludington Hospital in 2015. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

The birth of a child is considered one of the happiest moments in many people’s lives. Parents never forget the day their children came into the world.

Obstetrics nurses know how important this day is for soon-to-be parents. That’s why they strive to make the experience as memorable as it can be.

The 16 nurses who work at the Family Birthing Center at Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital take pride in providing patient-focused care in a family-oriented environment.

“We personalize the care to each family,” said Marilyn Hansberger, RN, CMSRN, director of obstetrics and clinical education at Ludington Hospital. “The dedication and experience of our nurses and physicians is the secret to our success.”

Patients at Ludington Hospital also receive one-on-one care, something that sets smaller hospitals apart. Unlike larger hospitals, nurses provide all aspects of obstetrics from triage, labor and delivery, postpartum care to nursery care.

Having the same nurse during the entire stay provides a familiar face for the family and provides extra comfort, according to Cindi Burden, RN.

“We build really quick bonds with our patients,” Burden said. “We’re able to follow our patients through the entire process by (assisting with) deliveries and taking care of them postpartum.”

As part of the Spectrum Health System, Ludington Hospital is able to tap into the resources and expertise of a nationally recognized health care system. Those resources were recently used when a baby was born at Ludington Hospital at just 24 weeks.

“The neonatal intensive care unit from Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital was here,” said Trisha Plamondon, RN. “It was amazing to see that team in action. Twenty-four weeks is just barely past viability and that baby was born and received the best care possible because of our relationship with Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.”

Every day is different in the Family Birthing Center, but compassionate care is the one constant.

“I’ve always had a heart for moms and babies,” Burden said about her seven years as an obstetrics nurse.

For Plamondon, it’s the miracle of childbirth that has kept her in the obstetrics unit for the past decade.

“It’s still as exciting as the first birth I was part of,” Plamondon said.  “I really enjoy helping to make the experience special for the family.”

Ludington Hospital is committed to serving its patients by planning to expand its obstetrics unit. The hospital is in the early stages of planning for a new birthing center.

Visit the Family Birthing Center webpage to learn more about the services provided at Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital.