Beth Loechler Cranson

After spending more than two decades as a newspaper reporter, editorial writer and columnist, Beth Loechler Cranson entered the world of public and media relations in 2009. She is driven by a desire to tell compelling stories, whether she is writing them herself or helping media outlets secure information and interviews. Beth, who lives in Grand Rapids with her husband and two children, embraces all four seasons Michigan has to offer. She’s a downhill skier who also enjoys mountain and road biking.

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New stroke treatment option

Physician removes Jerry Densmore's life-threatening brain blood clot in minutes with Zoom RDL device.

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‘My December miracle’

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‘A pacemaker for the brain’

Deep brain stimulation eases symptoms for a man battling Parkinson's disease.

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Raised arms and smiles mix with a little pain as River Bank Run participants reach their finish line.