Tim Hawkins

Health Beat contributor Tim Hawkins works as a media relations consultant for Spectrum Health. An award-winning writer and editor with more than a decade in the biomedical research and healthcare industries, he has also lived and traveled widely throughout North America, Southeast Asia and Latin America, working as a journalist, technical writer, grant writer, communications manager and teacher in international schools. In his spare time, he is a widely-published writer of fiction and poetry and the author of Wanderings at Deadline.

Posts from Tim Hawkins

Don’t let the weather fool you

Listen to your body. It'll tell you if you're dehydrated, if only you'll listen.

Patient Story

A silver lining

Heart transplant recipient and competitive swimmer Fred Nelis makes a formidable showing on the world stage in Spain.

The Tetris test

Researchers study how playing video games can lead to brain evolution.

Staying connected with mom provides a boost for babies

New study finds the benefits of delayed umbilical cord clamping are far-reaching.

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Spectrum saves Santa

A new procedure for atrial fibrillation aims to put this jolly elf back in his sleigh.

Hiring heroes

Veterans retain 'sense of mission' following battlefield duty.

‘I don’t want to cheat the game’

Coach Jerry Kill steps down at the University of Minnesota, bringing epilepsy awareness to the forefront.

Patient Story

‘His time is not finished on this earth’

Newlywed Mark Hagbom survives 'widow-maker' thanks to seamless transition from CPR to cath lab to open heart surgery.

Patient Story

Holding his heart in his hands

'It's just amazing what they can do nowadays,' Nicholas Borgman mused while gazing at a 3-D version of the organ.

Patient Story

A fixer receives the fix of a lifetime

Heart valve replacement gives David Ten Brink a new lease on life.

Patient Story

Free from seizures at last

Learn how a robot named ROSA helped this epilepsy patient reclaim his life.

Helping the heart heal itself

This is where the stuff of science fiction meets science reality.