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Patient Story

‘This is going to keep my cancer away’

Experimental cancer treatment showing promise for pediatric patients and their families.

Multitasking: More myth than magic

Why you may not be as good at juggling tasks as you think.

Being part of the art

Spectrum Health's people and places featured once again in the seventh annual ArtPrize.

Art that heals

Art and strong architecture help make healing places healing spaces.

Patient Story

‘I have to show everybody that I can do it.’

Stroke victim Matt Carrier, 37, pushes himself to get better, one small step at a time.

The one to beat

Health Beat racks up the accolades, earns national kudos just months after its launch.

A little steel leads to big innovation

Spectrum Health Innovations team finds simple solution to complex, costly problem.

Running for a reason

Jim Trout runs 163 miles across Michigan to help keep kids safe and healthy.

Strokes of sadness

New in-depth study links depression to long-term stroke risk.

Step your way to health

With ‘wearable’ fitness trackers everywhere, a study finds that your phone works just as well.

Knowledge is power

New study shows most women don’t understand their breast cancer diagnosis.