A woman holds onto her child with babywraping.
Bond with your child while still getting out and about, hands-free. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

Have you wondered what the term “babywearing” means? You’re not alone.

“‘Babywearing’ is the term used to describe wearing your child in a soft carrier,” said Ann Marie Rodgerson, master babywearing educator at Babywearing International.

Here are 10 reasons to try babywearing:

  1. It’s convenient—your baby is close. The sling or wrap can also block out noise for a baby who gets overstimulated easily.
  2. One site stated it’s like a transitional womb. Baby can hear your heartbeat and breathing. This not only calms baby, but is what your baby was used to in the womb.
  3. Studies have shown that babies who are carried cry less than babies who aren’t carried. This is a great thing for parents. It’s also an option for a fussy baby.
  4. Wearing your baby helps you both be in tune with each other. You learn quickly their schedule and signs for when they are hungry and/or tired.
  5. Wearing baby is also great for bonding with others. Dad, grandparents or a caregiver can also bond with your baby with this carrying method.
  6. Slings are cheaper than strollers. Though strollers are nice, they don’t provide baby with the closeness that a sling/wrap offers.
  7. Slings can be used for toddlers, too. This can be great for when they get tired, and is much easier than carrying them in your arms. Also it’s much easier to wear your new baby in a sling and be able to hold hands with your toddler or preschooler.
  8. Slings allow you to get out and walk for exercise.
  9. You are now hands free. This is great for doing things around the house, answering the phone or shopping. I talked to one gal who carried her baby in a sling, and was even able to breastfeed while grocery shopping.
  10. Babies can be worn in the front when small, but you can move them to your hip or even your back as they get older.

This is such a popular trend that you can find babywearing groups across the country. I noticed some have Facebook groups. There is one in Grand Rapids called Babywearing International of Grand Rapids. This group meets several times a month.