“This is epic. E-P-I-C,” said Jontrell Green, 7, as he peeked out his window at Corewell Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

While most kids would be outside trick-or-treating on Halloween, Jontrell and other patients at the children’s hospital were celebrating in a different sort of way.

Black Panther, Ironman, Spider-Man and Captain America swung by for a visit.


The masked superheroes scaled the side of the children’s hospital and swung back and forth to peek in as many windows as possible. They waved at the onlookers inside, who smiled from their hospital beds.

The Child and Family Life team at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital works hard to make every day special for the kiddos, but their work shines especially bright on holidays.

During Monday’s Halloween festivities, the team provided cookie-decorating kits and other goodies to the kids.

But the superheroes scaling the side of the building was the icing on the cake.

The team at Modern Window Cleaning has been participating in the special visit for years, and it always inspires smiles and laughter.

“Is that Black Panther?” Jontrell asked as the four superheroes looked into his hospital window.

When Jontrell learned earlier in the day that superheroes would be visiting, he kept asking how soon it would be before they arrived, his mom, Cheronda Carter, said.

Jontrell checked out a few different views and peeked out the windows of a work room, too.

After the superhero team descended the building and hit the ground, they went up to the sixth floor to wish Jontrell a happy Halloween.

“Happy Halloween, bud,” one of the superheroes said, giving him a fist-bump. “I see you’re dressed as Halo. Show me your muscles.”

It was an awesome day for the kids, Child Life specialist Kirsten Sites said. And she was happy to be a part of it all.

“Kids who have to spend any holiday in the hospital are usually disappointed,” Sites said. “They don’t get to do what they were looking forward to doing. So this sort of thing makes their holidays a little more special—and a little more normal.”

Amy Davis, manager of Child and Family Life, oversees about 40 team members, each one of them working hard to make kids smile every day.

“My team prides themselves on creating special experiences for our kids,” Davis said. “And having a somewhat normal Halloween is no different. We hope that activities like today’s can make our kids smile and brighten their day just a little bit.”