A pregnant woman poses for a photo with "2016" glasses for New Year's.
A new baby for the new year can bring about a lot of change, and help you tick off your resolutions one by one. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

You’ll refrain from drinking on New Year’s Eve if you’re pregnant, but are resolutions a safe bet with two of you on board?

Check out the Top 10 resolutions and how they fit your growing belly.

1. Losing weight

This is a sure-fire-fail goal for a pregnant mom (pregnant women gain an average 25-35 pounds), but more and more providers are using the BMI chart with weight gain. It’s important for you to make healthy choices. You’re supporting two, but don’t need to eat for two. If you eat too much during pregnancy, it can make it super difficult to lose that extra weight after baby is born.

2. Getting organized

You’re in luck here. This resolution perfectly aligns with the habits of many pregnant moms, who want to “nest” toward the end of their pregnancy. Your hormones will make cleaning and organizing more of a “want” than a “need.”

3. Spending less/saving more

There will be many new expenses with a new baby. However, a lot of things marketed to new parents aren’t necessary. Does your baby have to have a car seat? Yes, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive. In fact, car seat safety technicians—who can properly fit your car seat prior to go time—say that most car seats are similar, but you pay more for the extra bells and whistles. Also, baby doesn’t need 20 outfits in the newborn size. Remember they grow very quickly. Think about your purchases and if it’s really necessary. Here’s a bright budget side—with a new baby, you’ll likely save money on trips, dinners and movies out.

4. Enjoying life/learning new skills

If you’re expecting your first child, you’ll be learning plenty of new skills—surviving on little sleep, burping and diapering baby. And most certainly, the new little bundle of joy is called that for a reason. So go ahead, enjoy!

5. Staying fit

You might not be running a marathon or downhill skiing, but definitely check with your provider about what activities you can safely perform to stay in shape. Yoga and other gentle maneuvers are great options. Being fit is a big benefit for labor and delivery, and will also help you get back to your pre-pregnant shape.

6. Expanding your education

Take time before the baby is born to see what they will be doing at each stage. Take a Preparing for Childbirth class at Spectrum Health. Among other things, you’ll learn what you need to baby-proof, and when.

7. Quit smoking

Hopefully you already have, but if you are still smoking please talk with your provider about smoking cessation classes and how to stop—this is best for baby and for you. We now know that even second-hand smoke affects baby and increases the risk of SIDS.

8. Help others achieve their dreams

You’ll have plenty of dreams for your newborn and the ability to raise your children so they can reach them.

9. Fall in love

This is an easy one. You will be amazed at the feelings you have for your new baby! As the baby grows, so will your love.

10. Spend more time with family

Sometimes having a new baby makes us think more about our own families and parents. This new family member may help you grow closer to your own parents and siblings. And most certainly, you’ll be spending more time at home with your immediate loved ones.