Although three caped crusaders scaled down Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital on Monday afternoon, the lobby of the hospital filled with heroic boys and girls, not all of whom wore capes to signify their bravery and heroism.

Patients at the children’s hospital gathered for the annual Halloween party where they picked a costume if they didn’t already have one, got their face painted, played games, made crafts, won prizes and watched Spider-Man, Thor and Superman scale down the side of the shining blue building.

The Moonrays spent their fifth year playing live music for the Halloween bash.

“I just love seeing the kids’ reactions as they walk by the stage when they first come into the party,” said Bud Chrysler, drummer for The Moonrays. “At first you can tell they look a little shy but then, when they pass us, they start to let loose and just have an awesome time. It’s beyond rewarding to witness and be a part of it each year.”