When 400 lightsabers were donated to Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Child Life specialist Amy Davis knew just what to do with them.

And so did the hospitalized kids, many of whom were well aware of the upcoming Project Night Lights event on Wednesday. The event is a monthly community gathering to show support for the kids inside the children’s hospital.

“The kids knew tonight was Star Wars night,” Amy said. “You could see their faces light up when they saw us coming with the lightsabers.”

Emily Morton, a patient on the sixth floor, dressed up as Princess Leia and went down to the lobby to meet some Star Wars characters. Her twin brother, Gavin, dressed as Luke Skywalker and big sister Katy, a stormtrooper.

Benjamin Wayne, staying on the seventh floor, wheeled down with his lightsaber as well.

“My favorite is Chewbacca,” he said.

The sidewalks along Michigan Street in front of the hospital became a sea of waving shafts of light. All are welcome—Ghostbusters, superheroes, families with strollers, anyone wanting to be there for the children.

“There’s not anything else like this,” Amy said.