A HealthBeat Special Series

Keep On Smiling

Todd Alward’s muscles are slowly deteriorating as ALS does its work. But his indomitable spirit shines brightly and he’s determined to keep on smiling, no matter what. This special Health Beat series chronicles Todd’s thoughts on health, life, and the hereafter.

Health Beat Special Series
Patient Story

A ‘journey to heaven’

Todd Alward, diagnosed with ALS four years ago, is preparing to die.

Patient Story

‘I’m looking toward that better eternal life’

As Todd Alward slowly loses his strength to ALS, he shares his views on remaining positive and keeping faith.

Patient Story

‘Appreciate the life you had, the life you have’

Todd Alward keeps on smiling, using humor and faith to carry him as ALS weakens his body.

Patient Story

‘I’m going to keep enjoying life as long as I can’

Todd Alward shares his ALS journey and inspiring outlook on life and the afterlife.