“Batman is here!” Connor Guiles exclaimed, pointing at the window and jumping up and down with all his might.

Connor, 5, had been reclining in the hematology-oncology infusion clinic at Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital when superheroes descended.

Four well-known superheroes dropped slowly down the side of the hospital, starting at the roof just above the 11th floor. Spiderman, Batman, Captain America and Iron Man all lowered themselves floor by floor, waving into windows at the kiddos within.

In the 10th-floor infusion clinic, costumed kids and families alike heard Connor’s cry of delight and jumped up from their seats to greet their super visitors.

“I think it really made his day,” said Connor’s mom, Jennifer, who mentioned the little boy was most excited about seeing his idols, Batman and Captain America.

The superhero visit was part of the children’s hospital’s annual Halloween bash.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party gathered in the lobby of the hospital. This included ghouls and goblins of all shapes and sizes, freshly bagged cotton candy, costumes, a spooky band playing live music, and all sorts of other fun activities.

A craft-making table, costume station and pumpkin-decorating station proved to be crowd favorites. Characters, including witches, bumblebees, penguins, dinosaurs, and even a Detroit Lions player milled about the lobby.

“This kind of event really gives you a reason to get up and walk around,” said Holly Ward from Jenison. “It’s just beyond super cool. A lot of times we are all hidden behind curtains when we are here for treatment. Today, being all about fun, brought us all together and gave us an opportunity to connect in a different kind of way.”

Marcy Vandermeer, a 23-year-old from Jenison, said the event thrilled adults, too.

“It’s fun to mix it up for these kids because treatment tends to be the same every time we visit,” she said.

The superheroes rappelled down the side of the hospital twice and caught an elevator ride up for the second trip down with Captain America and Superman. Kids unable to leave their rooms had the superheroes come to them.

“It’s a blast!” Captain America said. “I just really enjoy bringing a smile to the kids’ faces. It’s an awesome experience.”