aging well

Take a stand on staying mobile after 80

Standing exercises better than sitting ones for preserving walking skills.

Protein at all 3 meals may help preserve seniors’ strength

And, staves off muscle decline.

Walk the dog, gain health

Even in bad weather, seniors get about 30 minutes of daily activity by taking care of their pet.

Teaching an old brain new tricks

Explore these do's and don'ts for optimal brain health.

4 ways to look younger longer

Put the brakes on wrinkles.

Better diet, longer life?

Study suggests you're never too old to benefit from a commitment to eating healthier.

Older, heavier? Never too late to exercise

Study finds regular, moderate exercise can reduce the risk of mobility problems in older people battling obesity.

Cut calories, lengthen life span?

Middle-aged adults who reduce their intake show slower biological aging.

‘Silent’ seizures tied to Alzheimer’s symptoms

Researchers suggest they're a potential target for treating the disease.

Loving, supportive kids may help lower seniors’ dementia risk

But negative relationships with children, spouse increased chance.

Exercise benefits aging hearts, regardless of size

Physical activity helps ward off heart damage in middle age and beyond.

Green space boosts seniors’ well-being

Small study detects positive brain changes from urban oases.