birth defects

Patient Story

‘Jemima is a miracle’

Most babies with trisomy 18 never make it to birth. Those who do typically die shortly thereafter. This toddler is blasting the odds.

Patient Story

‘It’s like a weight off my shoulders’

Pediatric palliative care team helps families navigate 'an incredibly confusing' medical world.

Folic acid now added to corn masa flour

FDA says fortification can reduce risk of certain birth defects in Hispanic population.

Folic acid for moms-to-be not as effective as thought

Women should still take the B vitamin before and during pregnancy.

U.S. health officials brace for Zika battle

The mosquito-borne virus, which causes birth defects, is expected to hit Gulf Coast states including Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

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Unstoppable: The inspiring journey of Kiden Kee

'I’m different and I’m OK with that. I know that I’m pretty.'

Patient Story

‘God knit her together’

Little Vivvy blossoms after flying halfway around the world to get life-changing cleft palate and lip surgery.

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A step in the right direction: Treating clubfoot sans surgery

'When I learned about people with clubfoot who are professional athletes, I knew I didn't need to worry about my baby.'

A boy and his nurse

The friendship between a child and nurse.

Help for kids with ‘plumbing problems’

Pediatric urology services are changing kids’ lives through reconstructive surgery.

Patient Story

Anthony Vitale, heart reconstruction

A heart unlike any other.