quitting smoking

Don’t let your resolutions go up in smoke

Have you decided 2022 is going to be the year to quit smoking once and for all? You’re not the only one.

Stronger in 2021

Take steps now to give up smoking and other harmful habits.

Boost your bacteria—kick the habit

Your gut microbe undergoes significant changes when you quit smoking—and that's probably a good thing, researchers say.

Patient Story

Stroke rate keeps falling

Researchers are trying to understand the precise mix of factors that contribute to improved health outcomes.

New vaping regulations boot teens

E-cigarettes have hooked a new generation of smokers.

Anti-smoking campaigns pay off

Ads have helped at least 400,000 Americans give up tobacco since 2012.

National smoking bans help everyone

Review of worldwide research finds reductions in heart disease after restrictions introduced.

Smoking bans beat cigarette taxes to help smokers quit

Bans deter casual smokers from lighting up, possibly becoming heavy smokers.

Obese smokers gain pounds after quitting

Doctors say kicking the habit is still the best way to improve health, even if it comes with weight gain.