Is oil-free the new gluten-free?

Get the fat you need from whole foods, say some advocates of plant-based eating.

Spare the meat, skip the type 2 diabetes?

A mostly plant-based diet may help lower risk of the blood sugar disease.

Lots of red meat = an earlier grave?

People who eat more plant-based proteins have a lower risk of dying younger.

Patient Story

Prescription for change

A new program gives low-income, chronically ill patients greater access to what they've been missing: Fresh fruits and veggies.

Voting with her fork

Sarah Chartier chose a vegan lifestyle for a healthier planet, and she feels healthier, too.

Could vegetarian diets alter DNA, raise disease risk?

An expert explains the population genetics behind an intriguing study.

Guard your heart

Use these 6 healthy diet and lifestyle moves to keep your ticker happy.

Does meat intake influence fertility?

Couples undergoing IVF treatments fare worse if the male's consumption of processed meats is high.

Plant-based eating: reasons to fuel up on fruit, veggies, beans, nuts and seeds

As a self-proclaimed flexitarian and with a vegetarian cooking class in the works later this year, I am honored to be able to offer delicious inspiration for a plant-based diet with a 14-Day Go Plant-Power! Challenge from Sharon Palmer, RD. March, otherwise known as National Nutrition Month, is the perfect time to take strides toward […]

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