Charlotte. Henry. Eleanor.

Names fit for royalty.

The list of top baby names of 2021 at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital share an affinity with old school regal names.

Amelia and Charlotte are tied for first place for baby girl names and Elijah climbed the charts to be the No. 1 name for a baby boy in West Michigan.

In 2020, Amelia ranked fifth and Elijah eighth, so these are not new to the most-popular name listing.

The annual list of top baby names released each year by the Family Birthplace and Natural Birthing Suites at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital gives a look at name trends in West Michigan.

The hospital, which delivers more babies than any hospital in the state, has welcomed 7,719 babies this year.


Top Baby Names of 2021

1. Amelia
1. Charlotte (a tie)
2. Evelyn
3. Sophia
4. Eleanor
5. Ava
5. Emma (a tie)
6. Nora
6. Hazel (a tie)
7. Lucy

1. Elijah
2. Henry
3. Oliver
4. Theodore
5. William
6. Liam
6. Noah (a tie)
7. Owen
8. Jack
9. Lucas

‘A compromise’

Charlotte Winslet Corson is just 2 days old at 8 pounds, 5 ounces.

The second baby of the family, her parents, Steven and Jessica Corson, say her older brother, Theodore, is eager to meet her.

Theodore’s name hit the top baby name list back in 2019, too.

“He knows a new baby is coming home, but honestly has no idea what’s in store for him,” Steven jokes.

Charlotte raises her tiny fingers to her dad’s face as she squints out the window for the first time.

“I like the crazy names and Steven really likes traditional,” Jessica says. “Charlotte was a compromise to be honest.”

“Our mothers’ names are Cheryl and Sharon. We felt Charlotte was close enough to both of those.”

Steven says Charlotte looks grumpy so far as she continues to squint and works to open her eyes.

“Our kids have the greatest scowls,” Jessica says. “It’s a family trait.”

‘Oh, you are the best’

Eleanor Rose Stafford-Ash weighs in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces and both of her moms are over the moon for their bundle of joy.

Danielle Stafford-Ash and Jessica Stafford-Ash have little Eleanor dressed in an adorable olive green onesie with a matching bow.

“Oh, you’re the best. You’re so precious,” Danielle says as she looks upon Eleanor at just 24 hours old.

“Eleanor was on our list. We wanted something that was a little more traditional and classic,” Jessica says.

“We were really set on Rose as a middle name, too.”

Rose is Danielle’s grandmother’s name and the couple felt Eleanor went so nicely with Rose.

Eleanor is quiet and content so far. Her moms say it’s surprising and strange as she doesn’t make a peep.

A nurse enters the room to take Eleanor to her new baby screening.

Mom jokes “This will be the first and last, little girl,” as she struggles with Eleanor being away for the very first time.

A name fit for a king

Henry Wyatt Herbruck weighed only 1 pound, 5 ounces at his birth at 23 weeks.

Nurses said he was about as ‘lightweight’ as they come.

Given a 30% chance of survival at first, he is now thriving at 4 months old.

Weighing more than 8 pounds now, he is spending his days in the Gerber Foundation Neonatal Center at Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, where he continues to grow.

He’s Brennen and Divine Herbruck’s first baby, and they are excited at the possibility of taking him home soon. A bit nervous as well.

Brennen had his eye on the name Henry for quite some time, although Divine had other plans.

“I kept saying, ‘I don’t want a conqueror or a king’ and I want him to be nice to us,” she said with a laugh.

The name has significance to Brennen’s family as his grandfather was named Harry.

“We didn’t know until we chose Henry that it was a variant of Harry. It’s an added bonus that he’s named after his grandpa.”

Brennen’s family also works with chickens. Henry’s new nickname: Hen Henry.

It may or may not stick.

The family sends major kudos to Henry’s nursing team.

“The nurses know him by name and ask for him every day,” Divine says. “It has been such a de-stresser to know he’s in such good hands when we can’t be there.”