Our lives forever change in an instant. A stroke, a crash, a heart attack, a diagnosis.

In these moments, we find ourselves battling for life itself, for more time to spend with those we love.

As we navigate this maelstrom, we encounter compassionate and skilled guides who help us find our way, gain our footing, and forge a new reality. We also gain wisdom and courage that inspires people near and far.

From new beginnings and near-death experiences to last wishes, Health Beat is truly honored to share the behind-the-scenes moments of these incredible journeys.

And you, our dear readers, choose the best of the best stories by sharing Health Beat’s stories with friends and family, and cheering on these warriors as they overcome challenges and open their lives to us.

Your top 10 stories of 2018:

1. Best rest and baby love, times three

2. Hello, beautiful

3. Rare and exceptional

4. ‘Nothing short of a miracle’

5. Light up the night for kids

6. ‘I just don’t have the energy I used to have’

7. Miracle Markle is ‘our hero’

8. ‘They’re miracles’

9. ‘Living my worst nightmare’

10. ‘At no time did I have any fear’

Wondering what stories rounded out the top 50? Here you go:

11. ‘He’s a superstar’

12. The tiniest ring bearer

13. ‘God was looking out for me’

14. Phil Simon’s big hope

15. ‘Live grateful’

16. From the flu to 50 days in the ICU

17.  ‘My very own heart’

18. ‘It’s a mystery’

19. Feeling like Iron Man

20. ‘I just love what I do’

21. ‘The man I was born to be’

22. ‘Will you marry me?’

23. ‘We just have to look forward’

24. Heart of mystery

25. Double the love

26. ‘The best word ever’

27. When two hearts beat as one

28. ‘The little fighter’

29. ‘They are so blessed’

30. ‘I’m just thankful she’s alive’

31. Early diagnosis, positive prognosis

32. The power of ‘ghost poop’

33. ‘Only 2 percent survive’

34. ‘A good moment’

35. ‘I’m so happy to be here’

36. ‘They call me the million-dollar head’

37. Santa visits NICU babies

38. ‘It creeps up on you’

39. ‘We’re not going to let this define her’

40. Battle in the body

41. ‘I love you so much’

42. ‘She was near death’

43. He’s ‘just doing amazing’

44. ‘A light at the end of that tunnel’

45. ‘We’re just thankful she got through it’

46. ‘Your whole life flashes before you…’

47. ‘I felt and heard a loud pop’

48. ‘It got me pretty good’

49. ‘It’s so preventable’

50. ‘A walking, living, breathing miracle’