In one moment, life as we know it may forever be altered.

Suddenly, all that matters becomes quite clear: Love, hope, answers, tomorrows.

The Spectrum Health Beat team is honored to share with you incredible stories of people navigating their health care journeys with remarkable bravery.

Extraordinary stories. Every day. That’s our promise to Health Beat readers, and 2019 proved to be a blockbuster year of stories that took our breath away.

Below are the best of the best, as chosen by you, our dear readers.

Your top 10 stories of 2019:

1. ‘Heading south quickly’

2. ‘I’m here for a reason’

3. ‘Full of beauty’

4. ‘You saved my life, man’

5. In a bubble, a little girl thrives

6. ‘It’s amazing he survived’

7. ‘No day is a given’

8. One family, two miracles

9. ‘A real pioneer’

10. ‘This is not going to stop me’

Wondering which stories rounded out the top 50? Here you go:

11. Haylie’s mystery, solved

12. ‘They only gave me 6 to 9 months’

13. ‘Absolutely amazing’

14. ‘This is an epidemic’

15. ‘The loss of that baby will always be with me’

16. The comeback kid

17. A surgeon’s 1-pound patient

18. A graduation to remember

19. Surviving the unsurvivable

20. ‘We are very grateful’

21. A bolder voice

22. ‘I really see God’s hand’

23. Eager to breathe

24. ‘This changed us all’

25. ‘We got the monster out’

26. Big smiles

27. Aurora’s whirlwind start

28. When every second counts

29. The fight of her life

30. ‘This is amazing’

31. ‘We’re here to celebrate with you’ 

32. A new way to fight

33. ‘I couldn’t breathe’

34. ‘Never, ever thought I would have a stroke’

35. ‘Our first moment of joy’

36. When it rains, it pours

37. Back in the race

38. Her rainbow heart baby

39. ‘She’s a warrior’

40. The best little man

41. ‘His birthday will always be a party’

42. Merritt’s mystery

43. ‘The best hope you can have’

44. ‘A small, big miracle’

45. ‘We’re carrying on Eric’s legacy’

46. Holding hands with a chimpanzee

47. ‘Happy hermit’ bounces back

48. ‘I would not put limits on him’

49. ‘It was almost divine timing’

50. A Mayan connection