Patricia Mish

Patricia Mish has been a writer and editor for magazines and newspapers, covering a variety of topics including police, schools and religion for the Grand Rapids Press, the Kalamazoo Gazette and the Ann Arbor News. A lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, her first exposure to journalism involved scouring the Chicago Tribune sports section for the daily box scores. She enjoys camping and exploring Michigan’s lakes with her husband, John, and three sons. An avid runner, her ideal Saturday involves a long run with friends followed by a trip to one of Grand Rapids’ many excellent bakeries.

Posts from Patricia Mish

Become a label ninja

The improved Nutrition Facts label makes it easier to sort healthy items from unhealthy—but you have to know what to look for.

Patient Story

A heart for art

Amid a battle with cancer, Diane Meyer returned to her artistic roots. "Once you get into the art, everything else goes away," she says.

An avocado a day

An amazing flavor and unbeatable nutritional content proves there's lots to love about this mighty fruit.

Start early to reduce Alzheimer’s risk

Embracing a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle in your 30s may promote better brain development in later years.

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