A HealthBeat Special Series

Smile, baby!

A pediatric plastic surgeon pioneers a technique to repair cleft palates that leads to better speech and jaw development for children.

Health Beat Special Series
Patient Story

A winning team

A pediatric plastic surgery patient enjoys honorary status at a Griffins hockey game, joined by the surgeons who treated her.

Patient Story

‘The new Jonathan’

At age 22, he became a medical pioneer when he received a jawbone implant. He now has a new chin, too.

Patient Story

Harmonious healing

Music brought together a pediatric plastic surgery team and a little boy who needed help.

Patient Story

From miracle baby to medical pioneer

Jonathan Koster gets a custom-designed titanium jaw, one of the first in the world.

Patient Story

Helping kids smile around the world

A pediatric plastic surgeon aims to improve the way cleft palates are repaired.

Patient Story

Kaylee’s smile

Surgery―and a halo―transform a 14-year-old girl’s face.

Patient Story

‘No other way for him to get help’

A toddler from Guyana travels 3,000 miles for a life-changing operation.

Patient Story

Unstoppable: The inspiring journey of Kiden Kee

'I’m different and I’m OK with that. I know that I’m pretty.'

Patient Story

Reshaping Baby Wren’s future

'We couldn't have asked for a better baby. For all that she's been through, she's really sweet with lots of smiles.'

Patient Story

Defining a daughter

Isabelle Bryant is all smiles and excitement after halo removal.

Patient Story

‘You look dynamite, sweet pea’

Jessica, 11, smiles broadly as her facial transformation is revealed.

Patient Story

‘The transformation … is dramatic’

Morgan Corwin's jaw reconstruction brings immediate change in appearance after lifelong struggle.