7 things to know about early-onset Alzheimer’s

The death of Pat Summitt, the winningest coach in college basketball, draws renewed attention to the disease that took her life.

Run, dance, garden your way to a healthier brain

Study shows a variety of activities can cut Alzheimer’s disease risk by 50 percent.

Trouble with sense of direction linked to Alzheimer’s

Virtual testing may be able to one day predict disease long before symptoms develop.

Can 3-D video games boost memory?

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New and troubling: Lewy body dementia

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Computer tests predicting dementia risk?

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Researchers find genes linked to alzheimer’s timing

Some genes sped up the disease, while others delayed it.

Infections, not clumsiness, main cause of falls

Illness can lower blood pressure and lead to dizziness.

Control type 2 diabetes to prevent dementia

Poor blood sugar control increases risk of brain troubles.

Unaware of fading memories

Study: Those developing dementia often don't know their memories are evaporating.