traumatic brain injury

New hope in brain trauma treatment

Deep brain stimulation could help patients overcome behavioral and emotional problems associated with serious injury.

There’s nowhere to hide from brain injuries

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Creating a new life canvas

After a car crash and traumatic brain injury, Brenda Bristol learns to communicate anew through art.

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Spirits soar with special airport tour

Memories take flight for man with traumatic brain injury.

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‘I didn’t think I’d make it’

Creativity and technology helped motorcycle crash survivor Derrick Curtis along his road to recovery.

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Sara’s advice: Never give up

‘People think a brain injury is like a broken arm that will heal, but it’s not.’

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‘Just being together is enough’

Tammy and Tony Corona don't let brain injuries or a stroke stand in the way of their love. They've written a love song together.

Concussion recovery delayed in older adults

Research suggests head injuries later in life are more profound.