Spectrum Health employees pose for a photo with hats from The Happy Hatter, a community outreach program, at Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.The hats came in all different sizes, designs and colors.

There were tassled hats, striped hats, team-themed ballcaps and cartoon head gear.

You name it, these delivery folks likely had it.

The Happy Hatter, a community outreach program organized by Integrated Architecture, recently teamed up with Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital to top youthful warriors with hats.

Lots of hats.

The program’s campaign collected more than 1,000 new hats for patients undergoing cancer treatments in the pediatric division of Hematology and Oncology, one of the largest children’s cancer programs in the Midwest.

Damion Dieson poses for a photo wearing a Batman hat.Monique Dieson, mother of 15-year-old Damion, who is currently receiving treatment for MDS, said that the kids really appreciate this sort of thing.

“Everyone we have come in contact with here at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital is just amazing,” she said.  “The clinical staff, families, and volunteer programs such as the Happy Hatter all do so much for us. It’s just great.”

Damion, pictured left, scored a Batman ballcap.