body image

Learn to love yourself

A psychologist shares her guidance for how to guard against an unhealthy body image and live a better life.

Weight pills—a “serious risk” for youth?

Researchers find those who use diet pills and laxatives to control weight are more likely to be diagnosed later with an eating disorder.

Guys struggle with body image, too

About 40% of men say they've been discriminated against or stereotyped because of their size.

Make peace with your body

Nurture a lifelong healthy outlook by reevaluating the expectations you place on yourself.

Women: Accept your body

More women are embracing their figures, but study finds men are a bit concerned about their muscle size.

Patient Story

When ‘find a better bra’ is not the solution

For some teens, breast reduction surgery brings freedom from pain, as well as social and emotional benefits.  

Bodybuilder supplement abuse a growing concern

Men using supplements to achieve a 'perfect' body may qualify as new eating disorder.