Patient Story

‘There’s nothing more they can do’

Despite a terminal diagnosis, a new airway stent program extends Dwayne Scheidel's life.

Another reason to kick the habit

Those who quit smoking will reduce the odds of developing abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Among wealthy nations, U.S. lags in life expectancy

Drug abuse, diabetes, high blood pressure, guns, smoking and alcohol all contribute to America's poor health.

Women smokers at higher risk for brain bleed

'Devastating' hemorrhage often affects younger people, neurologist says.

FDA banning e-cigarette sales to minors

Agency also wants other retail restrictions on access to vaping products.

Does your height hinder heart health?

Maybe so. Study reveals that shorter men have higher risk for heart disease, but four risk factors within our control tend to trump height.

Patient Story

Living with cancer … for five days

Early lung cancer detection may have saved Kathleen Yeomans' life.

Smoking bans beat cigarette taxes to help smokers quit

Bans deter casual smokers from lighting up, possibly becoming heavy smokers.

The tiniest patients of all

Does a few weeks really make a difference for a baby? You betcha.

Patient Story

‘I don’t want to miss out on anything’

Age 36, married and mother of two, Amy Reames was in a good place. And then her heart shut down.

A message from below

Erectile dysfunction may be your body's first sign of impending heart problems.

Peer pressure may have silver lining

Teens with close friends are more likely to be in good health by age 27.