Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial volunteers are shown wearing purple jackets.What’s your favorite color? Mine is purple.

You probably know purple is the color associated with royalty. Did you also know it has special meanings in nature, spirituality and as a social symbol of highest regard—such as our nation’s Purple Heart? Purple is said to satisfy the need for reassurance in a complex world.

It’s no small wonder that purple was selected as the color to be worn by our volunteers—a group 223 members strong. Our volunteers graciously give their time and talents to the patients and visitors of Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial, contributing to more than 35,000 hours of service in 2014 alone! Our ability to provide an exceptional patient experience is greatly enhanced through the kind words and deeds of every volunteer.Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial valets are shown wearing purple shirts.

So, as you go through your day and see one of your own wearing a purple smock or shirt, know you are laying your eyes on a committed, caring and generous soul. Take a moment to let them know how much his or her service means to you, not just during our Volunteer Week, but every week of the year!

Volunteers make our organization better . . .
Our community stronger . . .
And our world brighter!

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week April 12 to 18, several departments have written a “thank you” to our volunteers for all the hard work they do:

“Thank you for the most precious gift a person can give, your time. You give patients, families and staff a feeling of caring about others and help all of us make a difference in improving the health of our community.” – Randy Stasik, President & CEO, Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial

“Thank you to the many volunteers that make our baby hats, booties and blankets. These items are treasured for years to come by the families we serve.“ – Family Birth Center

“Thank you to the volunteers who come daily and provide refreshments to our families and visitors. We receive many thanks for this customer service. Our staff is grateful for your help in making SHGM the destination to have a baby.” – Family Birth Center

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

“I wouldn’t dream of putting on a blood drive without my two favorite canteen ladies, Judy Hoezee and Nevonda Lankhorst. These very special women go above and beyond to make our blood drives successful and our donors comfortable. Thank you ladies!”
– Gretchen Bush, member experience manager

“Gerber Memorial has a great group of volunteers who get up early or come to fill in on a moment’s notice for someone who can’t make his or her shift. They greet all with smiles, conversation (if that’s what’s needed) and a willingness to take on tasks they’ve never done before. Everything is their job. In my department, stuffing envelopes takes time and rewards the stuffer with dry hands and perhaps a few paper cuts. This is handled with a “thank you” to me for keeping the volunteer busy. Regardless of what area they are working, volunteers are here because they want to be useful and help our community. Thank you, volunteers, for choosing to be part of our family.”
– Sandy Siegel, executive director of community and government relations

“What would we do without our awesome volunteers? Their presence is everywhere in our hospital. They give hours of their time and ask for nothing in return. They are an outstanding group of people whom I am blessed to work with. Thank you for all you do!”
– Sherri Anderson-Patterson, Gift Shop/Coffee Shop Coordinator

“Thank you to our warm, wonderful volunteers who generously give the gift of their time and talent! Our patients, employees and community are truly blessed.” – Human Resources

“We appreciate volunteers for always asking before they act. They are such a blessing during busy times and we appreciate anything they do to help.”
– Emergency Department

“Thank you for getting warm blankets, being so kind and talking to people.” – ICU

“Thank you for taking your time to make and distribute bone pillows to our patients. Everyone that receives them are thankful for your handmade kindness.” – Rehab

“Everyone loves our volunteers in 3East. We are thankful for the bone pillows and the personal attention families and patients receive.” – 3East

“Thank you, navigators, for all your help! You provide a wonderful service to staff, patients and visitors, and help with whatever needs may arise.”
– Patient Access Services

“Thank you, valets, for all you do! You are always willing to go above and beyond. Not only do you park cars and assist with wheelchairs, you shovel the walkway in winter and provide umbrellas when it is raining. “ – Patient Access Services

“If today you need a smile, no need to go a mile, for one is always near, on every volunteer!”– Anonymous