Feel dizzy, short of breath, or get tired easily? You may want to see an electrophysiologist.

“An electro-what?” you might ask.

Hang in there. Electrophysiologists are doctors dedicated to managing the electrical rhythms in your heart.

To pump blood, your heart sends electrical signals to contract, pushing blood through your body. Patients with irregular heartbeats, or arrhythmias, often see an electrophysiologist who can conduct special tests to diagnose electrical problems.

The most common heart rhythm disorder is atrial fibrillation or AFib. In people with AFib, the upper chambers, called atria, beat irregularly and too fast.

There are many ways to treat AFib, which may include medications or surgery.

It is important that you speak with you doctor if you have heart palpitations or experience rapid thumping in your chest.

Meet Dr. Musa Dahu, and discover why he became an electrophysiologist. Dr. Dahu collaborates with a diverse group of specialists who work to keep your heartbeat healthy.