Bob Gill, 93, poses for a photo. Bob wears a Spectrum Health hat and jacket.The Specialist Clinic employees want to recognize two of their volunteers, Ron VanWormen and Bob Gill. They both do so much to help patients and families during their time in the clinic.

Ron, who is 77 years old, has been a volunteer for 12 years. Bob, who is the oldest volunteer at 93, has been helping out for 14 years. Both have been an inspiration to employees and patients during their time in the clinic. Ron is currently taking a leave from volunteering, so Bob is doing everything he can to fill the shoes of these two great men.

Thank you to Ron, Bob and all the volunteers for your dedication to helping us improve the health of the communities we serve.

Fun fact: Bob Gill (pictured below) is the father of former Gerber Memorial CNO, Patti Wethington, and is a retired motorcycle patrol officer from California.