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Patient Story

Young at heart

After narrowly escaping death, heart transplant patient Fred Nelis will swim competitively in the Transplant Games.

Patient Story

Putting cancer in the crosshairs

Tim Lemon gets answers after a new technology precisely targets his prostate cancer cells.

Be mindful of boosting your brain

Mental activity now reduces your risk of developing dementia later in life.

Patient Story

‘I had to relearn every aspect of my life’

After having both knees replaced, Lori Devries can now climb the bleachers to watch her daughter play basketball.

Does your height hinder heart health?

Maybe so. Study reveals that shorter men have higher risk for heart disease, but four risk factors within our control tend to trump height.

Cellular combat

Clinical trials showing great promise in graft-versus-host disease treatment.

What you need to know about heart disease

Know your risk factors and symptoms.

Patient Story

A dying child’s spirit shines

Through grief, 3-year-old Ethan DeHoek's parents seek to make life comfortable for their sweet boy, for as long as he has left.

Patient Story

Living with cancer … for five days

Early lung cancer detection may have saved Kathleen Yeomans' life.

Patient Story

Flying high at 91

Pilot Mary Creason didn't let a heart condition stop her 70-year flying career. She's back in the air, with a goal of landing in all 48 states in the continental U.S.

Patient Story

Noah Kegeler, 1; Wolff-Parkinson-White, 0

Boy born with rare heart condition wins the game that matters.

Patient Story

Smiling, for the first time

Brothers Nathan and Gavin MacKenzie cut through life's challenges as cleft lip and palate patients.