A suitcase is shown with a sun hat, jeans, swim suit, sunglasses, binoculars, makeup, a camera, pony tails, a passport and much more.
Get excited about living life again with SEEDS. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

Beauty is more than skin deep, and how we appear each day reflects our overall health.

If we are truly healthy, it shows in our hair, eyes, skin and how we carry ourselves.

Think about when you last felt beautiful and comfortable with your appearance. Chances are it was when you were well rested, hydrated, working out regularly and generally happy in your life.

We all know we don’t look (and feel) our best when we do not get enough sleep, stay up late at a party, binge on fast food for a week, or handle stress by drinking coffee all day and night.

When we look at fashion models wearing beautiful gowns, think about how they might look if they were exhausted, dehydrated and had unhealthy skin from eating too much sugar or smoking cigarettes. It’s probably safe to say they would not get any work as a model.

No matter how beautiful you are, if you don’t take care of yourself, you will look terrible, even in the most beautiful gown.

I was at the airport recently, and a woman stopped me, and introduced herself and her husband. She was obviously excited to be traveling, and it appeared as though they were going on a vacation together. I quickly noticed her shiny hair, bright eyes and healthy skin that seemed to glow. She said, “I read your book and it made all the difference. I lost 30 pounds and I feel so good! We are going on vacation, and I can’t wait.”

I asked her what made the difference for her, and she said she picked up my book (I Want to Age Like That—Healthy Aging Through Midlife and Menopause) after hearing about it on Fox 17.

She had been feeling tired, irritable and just not like herself anymore. She had been struggling with her weight and did not know how to turn her health around. She said, “The difference was the part about making a goal. It was not about a number or a size; it was about who I wanted to be! We had been planning this vacation for a long time, and I felt unattractive, tired, and not at all healthy or ready to be active. I followed the plan and got off the sugar. Slowly I felt like moving more, and now I am following all the SEEDS.”

I have to admit, she looked positively beautiful and seemed so happy. It was clear she was healthy both inside and out.

Here’s a little reminder about SEEDS (Seven Essential Elements of Daily Success) and their impact on beauty. Follow these and see how much better you feel:

  1. Drink plenty of water (eight glasses a day); add one more for each cup of coffee or serving of alcohol.
    • Helps with skin, energy and sleep
  2. Get plenty of sleep (seven hours a night); take power naps if necessary to be sure you are getting enough sleep.
    • Helps with skin, eyes, energy, mood
  3. Take your vitamins daily, including vitamin D and a multivitamin.
    • Helps with skin, hair, nails, bone health, energy
  4. Eat a balanced diet, including plenty of healthy carbs and protein, with only one sugar treat (including alcohol).
    • Helps with skin, hair, eyes, muscles, energy, sleep
  5. Eat plenty of fiber (think vegetables) and take a fiber pill if needed.
    • Helps with regular bowel movements and vagina health
  6. Exercise regularly (30 minutes a day, with a mix of walking, aerobic activity, strength training and stretching).
    • Helps with skin, hair, eyes, energy, sleep
  7. Start a gratitude journal and do metered breathing each night before going to bed.
    • Helps with happiness, peace, settled feelings, good decisions, sleep