healthy lifestyle

100 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes

Lifestyle changes can prevent full-blown disease.

Kicking your diet to the curb? OK…

Focus on health at every size—not your weight or BMI, dietitian says.

Portrait of a young woman

It’s never too late (or too early) to engage in healthy behaviors that can have lasting power.

Make peace with your body

Nurture a lifelong healthy outlook by reevaluating the expectations you place on yourself.

Where do Americans buy most of their junk food?

Hint: Not where you probably suspect.

Commit to be fit in your middle age

It's never too late to ward off stroke with some good old-fashioned exercise.

Weight-loss surgery may boost survival

Study concludes overall death risk dropped 57 percent.

Like a glass of wine? Sure… but it may not lengthen life

Despite numerous studies that have shown benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, the latest research says longevity can't be tied to it.

Guard your heart

Use these 6 healthy diet and lifestyle moves to keep your ticker happy.

Mortal combat

Genetics ensure women live longer, but men can narrow the gap.