It’s a perfect day for running.

That was the sentiment echoed by hundreds of runners as they crossed the finish line of the 42nd annual Amway River Bank Run on Saturday, May 11. Spectators cheered as finishers raised their arms and pumped their fists in victory upon completion of the race.

Skies clouded over and temperatures hovered around 40 degrees at race time, when 15,000 runners, walkers and handcycle and wheelchair racers took to the pavement in the annual event that starts and ends in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Monroe Avenue was a sea of colorful spandex and running shoes at the 7 a.m. start of the 5K race, followed by 10K runners, the handcycle and wheelchair racing divisions and the 25K athletes. The 5K walkers were the last to the start line at 9 a.m.

Matthew Axtman, DO, of Spectrum Health Medical Group Orthopedics, noted that the temperature generally feels about 15 degrees warmer when you are running, making it ideal for the road race.

As runners headed to Calder Plaza for Finish Fest, a place to refuel and grab a beverage after the race, James Lebolt, DO, encouraged them to stay hydrated.

“Because of the temps, they might not feel as dehydrated, so I’d encourage fluids,” he said.

The River Bank Run is the largest 25K road race in the country.