A person stands at an airport and looks out the window to watch a plane fly in the air. The person holds a suitcase.
Headed someplace warm and sunny this season? Make water your constant travel buddy. (For Spectrum Health Beat)

You planned ahead and booked an amazing vacation. You faithfully dieted and exercised regularly to lose a few pounds so you could tone up for your trip.

Now all you have to do is enjoy the vacation—and make sure you don’t spoil your hard work by returning 10 pounds heavier.

Here are some tips and tricks to maintain your figure even as you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Plan ahead

When planning a vacation, consider your options for active adventures that include a jogging tour of the sights, snorkeling, renting bicycles or doing day hikes.

Pack healthy snacks

Whether traveling by car, plane or train, be sure to pack healthy snacks like fruit, nuts or cut veggies in an easy-to-access bag. Make it fun for the whole family by having everyone pick an ingredient for a big batch of travel mix for snacking.

Mandatory moderation

This is your vacation. You should try the local foods and enjoy exotic beverages, but remember that those foods and beverages are often high in calories. A solution: split meals and take it easy on the drinks. Your digestive system and waistline will thank you.

Love the water

Water should be your No. 1 travel companion. It will keep you hydrated when you’re active, when you’re in the sun and when you want to keep your hunger at bay. It’ll also help you avoid the urge to over-indulge in rich foods and it will keep your digestive system regular.

Get your rest

An unfamiliar place can lead to sleepless nights and then over-compensation on caffeine and sugar during the day. That’s just more calories. Plan ahead by understanding your usual sleep environment. Do you require a dark room, a specific temperature or a certain mattress or pillow? Maybe you can’t replicate your exact preferences, but the more comfortable you are the more likely you are to get your rest.